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Toxic Friends (Why I am Happy I Lost them)

Toxic Friends (Why I am Happy I Lost them)…. So this year, I lost a few people that I once considered friends and I’m actually glad that I did!


The Reason Why I am Happy, That I Lost A Few People That I Once Considered Friends.



Toxic Friends (Why I am Happy I Lost them)…I had this particular friend, whenever we were alone, they would be the nicest friend to me but the moment others were around us. (People that we’ve only Just met for the first time). They would start belittling me and talking about my clothes, my face, anything and everything that they could find to insult me about.

The first time It happened, I brushed it off like it was nothing and halfheartedly laugh it off. But then, it started to happen more frequently, and the verbal abuse became harsher each time. I remember, I would go home and cry myself to sleep, feeling so worthless and down.


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Happy Mothers Day:            12 weeks challenge ||Apprection|| My Mum! My Hero!

My mum made so many sacrifices for me and only now that I got older,  I truly learnt to appreciate everything that my mum has done for me.

Shes my motivator. My biggest Pierre supporter. She supports my dreams and goals 

I remember when I was so sick and couldn’t look after myself. My quit her (paid) full time job and  came to  look after me The even despite the fact that I had no money to pay her.

She would wake me up and take on the train to college and come back and pick me up. 

Words can’t describe how much I love my Mum, my World.

She taught me the true meaning of unconditional love.


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